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Cleanroom Facilities
Cleansem Cleanroom facility is designed & certified under ISO CLASS 4 & ISO CLASS 7 standard / FED–STD-209E. Cleansem Cleanroom Laundry are sorted & pre-washed in ISO CLASS 7 environment & are packed under Cleanroom ISO CLASS 4 environment.
Wash Process Flow
Cleansem Cleanroom Laundry is dedicated to cleanroom garments process only. Cleansem inspect garments as they are being processed. If any non- conformity (stains, holes, fraying) compromises the integrity of the barrier, the Cleanroom garment is pulled from service and sent for appropriate rework, complying to contractual basic. Certified & Approved Cleanroom Laundry chemical is used according to Cleansem customer’s requirement. Deionized water is delivered through PVDF system; < 5 megohms at 1 micron for the washed. ESD shoes are laundry & dry separately from Cleanroom Garment machine.
Traceability & ESD Performance
Bar Code scanning of each garment. All garments with customer’s specific barcoded, Cleansem can provide value added services with WASH & ESD Traceability. Cleansem Customized Software allows for a variety of reports to be created & to track the number of WASH processing on each garment. Segregation helps remove a garment from service before it no longer acts as an effective barrier to contamination & ESD Control.
Quality Assurance Check
Cleansem used Particles Measurement via most Advance Counter HANDHELD 3016 particle counters feature 0.2, 0.3 and 0.5μm sensitivities particle counters on the market. It has up to 6 particle size channels of simultaneous counting with particle counters display cumulative and differential particle count data as well as Temperature/Relative Humidity data. Cleansem will perform Helmke drum testing in accordance with IEST RP-CC003.3. Test counts on smaller submicron particles and does not quantify fibers. To test particle shedding of clothing (10 min particle concentration released at 0.5um or greater) after cleaning, and drying to determine the process cleanliness level.
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