KINESYS’ software products are being used by many world-leading manufacturers of semiconductors and related products, for both large and small-scale production, located in all major semiconductor production areas worldwide. 
The main development office is in The Netherlands. Sales and support services are furthermore provided by KINESYS offices in America (Mexico) and Asia (Japan, The Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan) and by regional representatives, value-added resellers and several world-wide operating equipment vendors (Besi, Kulicke & Soffa and others).  
ALPS (Assembly Line Production Supervisor) is the software package offering the wafer map data by converting each style wafer map at Semiconductor Back-End process. 
KINESYS Software, KINESYS logo, ALPS, ALPS-LT, and ALPS-NT are the trademarks of KINESYS Software.
ALPS NET Overview 
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